Meeting Info

The Authority holds its reorganization meeting during the first week of February. At such meeting, the Authority adopts a schedule of its regular work and public meetings, which, depending on the anticipated amount of business, may both be held on the same night of the month. At work meetings, applicants are invited to discuss their applications with Authority members and staff. Applicants are encouraged to bring along any consulting engineers and/or legal counsel to aid in their presentation. The work meeting is for discussion purposes, which gives the Authority members the opportunity to give feedback on all applications before formal action is to be taken. The Authority will determine at the work meeting, based on input from the applicant, the Authority’s staff, including its Engineer and Counsel, and members of the public, if an application is ready for formal action at the public meeting. Formal action, such as the adoption of resolutions, is generally taken at public meetings, although the Authority may also act on resolutions at any work meeting.


As provided in the Authority’s Bylaws, which are subject to amendment, a quorum of members of the Authority is required for any Authority meeting to take place. Three members constitute a quorum. Action may be taken only when a quorum is present. Three affirmative votes are required to approve any resolution. Notwithstanding any other requirements regarding a quorum or a majority, approval of minutes of any prior meeting shall be by vote only of those members of the Authority who were present at the meeting whose minutes are to be approved, and the vote of a majority of such members present at the meeting at which the minutes are presented for approval shall be sufficient to approve such minutes.